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Video Content: Why It’s Important, and Why Your Brand Needs It?

Scientists reckon that our attention span is now shorter than the goldfish (a goldfish has an average attention span of 9 seconds). That’s how long it takes before we lose interest: 8.25 seconds, to be precise (source: Wyzowl). How often do you skim through articles, deciding within the first few seconds if it’s worth your time to continue reading? Considering how much we are bombarded with content these days, it’s not surprising that we’ve become somewhat indifferent to it. We expect more from marketers and advertisers. We can tell from the first few seconds if it’s something original or more […]

4 Benefits Of Live Streaming

4 Benefits Your Brand Will Gain from Live Streaming Your Next Event Whether you’re for or against social media, there’s no denying that it opens up a whole new world of opportunities for brands and businesses. If you’ve not tried live streaming your event before, you might not be aware of the preparation and coordination required to achieve professional-quality streaming, which usually involves capturing the footage from multiple angles. But when done right, broadcasting your event live will help you to achieve two things at the same time. You’ll reach an international audience in a professional way while staying relevant […]

Commercial Eventfotografie Tips

8 Tips für wunderschöne Eventfotografie möglichkeiten im Commercial Veranstaltung. Die Organisation von Events erfordert eine Menge Planung. Die Details, die bei der Organisation und Koordination beachtet werden müssen können bisweilen überwältigend wirken. Von Logistik über das Veranstaltungsprogramm, den Veranstaltungsort und RSVPs bis hin zu Marketing und Werbung – die Liste ist endlos. Und das ist nicht alles. Der Veranstaltungsorganisator muss darüber hinaus strategische Fotogelegenheiten für Medien und Markenbildung schaffen. Neben der Anstellung eines professionellen Eventfotografen können Sie mit einigen einfachen Schritten ein ideales Fotoumfeld schaffen.   Schweizer Botschaft  – Jährliches Treffen Hier sind unsere 8 Lieblingstipps, um Ihrem Fotografen die […]

Video Documentation of a Keynote Speaker

Few tips for high quality event’s video documentation – How to create an interesting and entertaining video documentation of a keynote speaker Needs: If you want to document the speaker strictly for archive reasons then one angle would be enough. If you would like to create an intriguing and viral lecture then it is better to use more then one angle ,aka multiple cameras setup.å First you need to find the right Photographer/ Cameraman to help you with this task. Multi-cam setup will help you to create the highest quality clip to push your brand forward. While a keynote speaker may […]

A Day in the Life of an Event Photographer/Videographer in Hamburg

A Day in the Life of an Event Photographer/Videographer in Hamburg:  Curious what a working day looks like for an event photographer or videographer in Hamburg? Or perhaps you’ve not worked with event photographers or videographers before, and would like to know more about the process? There’s a lot of planning and organisation that goes into event photography and videography. Preparation For the Event The preparation starts with making sure we have the necessary equipment and paraphernalia for the job. This includes charged batteries and empty data cards. For basic photography jobs, we’ll bring the following: 2 professional Canon cameras […]

5 Gründe, warum Ihre Veranstaltung von einem professionellen Eventfotografen profitieren wird

Das gleiche gilt für die Planung gewerblicher Veranstaltungen und Firmenveranstaltungen. Ein professioneller Eventfotograf wird wesentlich mehr leisten als ein Laie mit einer Kamera es könnte. Bei der SeeSaw Event Photo Agency nehmen wir uns Zeit, um die Bedürfnisse und Anforderungen unserer Kunden zu verstehen. Durch die Dokumentation unbezahlbarer Momente aus dem richtigen Winkel und in ansprechenden Farbtönen werden wir der Bedeutung dieser Veranstaltungen gerecht. Es gibt eine Vielzahl von Gründen, weshalb Ihre Veranstaltung eines professionellen Eventfotografen bedarf. We’re here to share die 5 Hauptgründe, weshalb sich unsere Kunden dafür entscheiden, mit uns zu arbeiten:      Looking for a professional […]

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7 Creative Ways to Have an Unforgettable Company Christmas

Make the Most of Frankfurt’s Winter Festivities: : Creative Ways to Have an Unforgettable Company Christmas: It’s that time of the year again. Frankfurt once again transforms into a Christmas fairytale and magical winter wonderland. The streets lined with dazzling Christmas lights.Inviting aromas of sugar-roasted almonds, spiced mulled wine and fresh gingerbread fill the air. Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet?   If you’re one of the many tasked with organising your company Christmas party, we’ve got a few ideas for you. Why not do something different for an unforgettable company event this year? Here are 7 creative ways […]

Photography and Video services for corporate events in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt. We deliver high end visual solutions for corporate clients.

Photo Editing: A Vital Part of Professional Event Photography

Event Photographer’s Photo Editing Work Flow Writers make several rounds of edits to their work before delivering the final product. Professional photographers are no different. Editing and post-production is vital to ensure the client receives the highest quality images. The Icing on the Cake At SeeSaw Event Photo Agency, we see editing and post-production as the icing on the cake. You wouldn’t want cake without icing, would you? I’m a big advocate of sharing, so I’m sharing the secret of my icing with you. A Process of Selection and Elimination During an average 3-day conference, I tend to end up with […]

Photography and Video services for corporate events in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt. We deliver high end visual solutions for corporate clients.

8 Ways to Create Stunning Photo Ops for Your Next Commercial Event

Here are our 8 favourite tips to set the stage for your photographer to do his magic:   To portray a strong visual narrative of your event, the photography needs to be flawless.  It’s the key to getting positive media attention and successful advertising on different media platforms.  Not only will hiring a professional event photographer help to market your event, high quality pictures are always an effective visual tool to stimulate interest in a brand or company. Professional photography is about capturing pictures in a way that reanimates the event for those who weren’t there. A skilled photographer creates positive visual […]

Get More Out of Your Event Photos: Transform Them into Animated Multimedia Clips

The Essential Components for an Engaging Multimedia Clip Here are a few essentials you will need, to produce a high quality, engaging multimedia clip:   We hope you’ll find these tips helpful. If you liked this article, you might also like to check out these 8 ways to create stunning photo ops for your next commercial event. Looking for a professional event photographer in Berlin, Hamburg or Frankfurt? Drop us a line for more details or to chat about your requirements. We look forward to capturing beautiful moments at your next event!  

Photography and Video services for corporate events in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt. We deliver high end visual solutions for corporate clients.