7 Creative Ways to Have an Unforgettable Company Christmas

Make the Most of Frankfurt’s Winter Festivities: :

Creative Ways to Have an Unforgettable Company Christmas:

It’s that time of the year again. Frankfurt once again transforms into a Christmas fairytale and magical winter wonderland.
The streets lined with dazzling Christmas lights.Inviting aromas of sugar-roasted almonds, spiced mulled wine and fresh gingerbread fill the air.
Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet?  
If you’re one of the many tasked with organising your company Christmas party, we’ve got a few ideas for you.
Why not do something different for an unforgettable company event this year?
Here are 7 creative ways for you to pull off a legendary company Christmas.
One that even Santa would be proud of.


1. Make it a themed party

Give people a reason to dress up in silly costumes! Pick a cool theme though, such as an 80s retro theme. Think groovy mirror balls, fluorescent colours, rubik’s cubes and retro telephones with the dial. If you like the sound of that, read these comprehensive tips on throwing an 80s-themed corporate Christmas party.

If your colleagues and bosses are open to the idea of taking the party out on the streets, you could also organise a themed Christmas market crawl. Just like a pub crawl, you’ll be checking out Frankfurt’s most happening Christmas markets but dressed to the theme. Not suitable for big groups for coordination purposes, but ideal for small groups of up to 10 people.



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2. Set up themed photo booths with Christmas props

To make it even more memorable, you could also set up self-operated, themed photo booths complete with Christmas props. Examples include Santa hats, moustaches, and reindeer antlers. Go on, you know you want to.

The machine prints out photos on-the-spot and include the company logo for added branding. What could be more hilarious than silly group pictures of your intoxicated colleagues and bosses?




3. Publicize it on social media

This is more than just a company Christmas party. It’s an opportunity for positive employer branding. Remember that people tend to focus on job-hunting in the new year. This is the ideal time to promote your company’s friendly and down-to-earth working culture.
Your employees will be taking selfies and wefies during the party. You know they will. Ask them to post their pictures on Instagram and Facebook with branded hashtags (e.g. #bmwfrankfurtchristmas). Your company’s social credibility will definitely see a huge boost.




4. Hire a professional event photographer

There are many reasons to hire a professional event photographer. One of the key reasons is to capture those priceless moments in a beautiful yet natural ambiance. Everyone wants to look good, but it’s just as important to preserve those memories in a candid manner. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider leaving it to the pros, if you’re still undecided.

High-quality photos of the event are valuable for social media marketing. They will further reinforce positive employer branding for the company.




5. Broadcast live on Facebook and Instagram

Ask the event photographer to broadcast live videos of the event on your company’s social media feeds. People love short videos, especially when they’re live. Being active on social media shows that your company is relevant and up-to-date on the latest trends. If you’re looking to attract talented Millennials into your workforce, you’ll want to stay social.

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6. Share photos post-event

Make the most of those beautiful photos. Share them on Facebook and Instagram, making sure to tag employees for added exposure and visibility. If possible, add personalised captions under each photo as short narratives. This makes it more interesting and relatable to viewers.

Photography and Video services for corporate events in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt. We deliver high end visual solutions for corporate clients.


7. Turn prints into branded greeting cards

Choose the best prints to turn into personalised greeting cards for the staff. It would make for a simple but unique souvenir of the party. We’re so used to our digital lifestyles that it’s nice to have a physical photo we can hold in our hands for a change. As an added bonus, you can also incorporate the company logo for subtle branding.




We’ll be waiting to see your company Christmas celebration on social media. Tag us in your posts, or better yet, talk to us about your event photography needs in Frankfurt. We look forward to capturing beautiful moments at your upcoming Christmas do.   

Yehuda Swed (founder of SeeSaw Event Photo Agency) is a Berlin-based event photographer and story teller

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We look forward to capturing beautiful moments at your next event!


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