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Organizing events requires a ton of planning. The amount of detail that goes into organizing and coordinating tends to get overwhelming. 
From logistics, event program, venue, RSVPs, to marketing and promotion, the list is endless. And that’s not all. 
The event organizer also needs to create strategic photo ops for the media and branding.

Besides hiring a professional event photographer, you can set up an ideal photo environment in a few simple steps. 

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Here are our 8 favorite tips to set the stage for your photographer to do his magic:

1.Choose a Photogenic Venue

This might sound obvious, but it’s an important detail for an event organizer to note. The venue provides the backdrop for all your photos.
Be it a business conference or a cocktail party, a beautiful venue will set the right tone and mood for your event.
Most important of all, a scenic venue will allow your photographer to frame his shots well.

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2.Place Your Banners and Signage in Strategic Positions

Where you place your sponsors’ signage and event banners make a big difference. They need to be prominently displayed and positioned for visibility from multiple angles.
For events with speakers on stage, all signage should be mounted behind the speakers and/or along the sides to provide multiple photo options for the photographer. If possible, it is always better to have several banners or signage at different angles on the stage, for multiple photo ops. 
Pay attention to the height of the logo and branding, as well as that of the signage. A low placement makes it difficult to capture the logos, speakers, and audience in a single frame.
This is key to representing the event as a whole. For better visual results, always position the signage at a mid-level height. Positioning the logo on the podium is ideal, as it gives both the speaker and brand equal visibility.

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3. Get the Lighting Right

We often see dim lighting on speakers for podium discussions or lectures. This should be avoided, as lighting sets the tone of a photo. Good lighting makes the subject look alive, while weak lighting creates a somber tone.  Do test runs of the lights with the venue manager or lighting crew until you get the best possible effect. For best results, have the spotlights come from the sides rather than the front. This avoids blinding the speakers, allowing them to speak at ease. It also gives your photographer plenty of good photo opportunities.  

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4. Check the Stage Height

Try to avoid venues with stages set above eye level, as a high stage is uncomfortable on the eyes for viewing. Besides looking awkward, a high stage also affects the quality of your event photos. If possible, get the venue to supply a stage that does not exceed 50cm in height. You could also set up a temporary lower stage and camouflage the actual stage with white fabric or divider.

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5. Inspect the Stage Background

For speaking events, it is imperative to ensure that the speaker’s background is clear of reflective materials. If there are windows behind the stage, this will result in a big lighting difference between the exterior and interior. If the photographer is using a flash, the reflection bouncing off the windows will affect the quality of the photos. In other cases, the background might be partially covered with fabric and partially showing a bare wall, which wouldn’t look good in photos either.

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6. Use the Right Background Lights

For colored background lights, light blue, green, or yellow lights are best. Besides creating a soothing effect, these are also the best colors for high-quality pictures. Whatever you do, stay away from red lights behind the speakers.
They tend to create a sleepy crowd and project a dark stage with red-faced speakers.

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7. Avoid Having Empty Seats

Always encourage the audience to move up to the front rows.
Cordon off the back rows to start with and open them up as the rows fill up. The fuller the room is, the better it looks. A conference with plenty of empty seats wouldn’t look good in photos!

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8. No Photos of People Eating

Taking photos of people eating is a strict no-no. Besides annoying those trying to enjoy their meal, you’ll just end up not using these photos. It would be a much better use of the photographer’s time to focus on shots that benefit your brand instead.


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To portray a strong visual narrative of your event, the photography needs to be flawless. 

It’s the key to getting positive media attention and successful advertising on different media platforms. 

Not only will hiring a professional event photographer help to market your event, but high-quality pictures are also always an effective visual tool to stimulate interest in a brand or company.

Professional photography is about capturing pictures in a way that reanimates the event for those who weren’t there.

A skilled photographer creates positive visual PR for the brand by taking high-quality pictures that add life to the event, knowing which angle to shoot from and what moments to focus on. 

Looking for a professional event photographer in Berlin, Hamburg or Frankfurt? Drop us a line for more details or to chat about your requirements. 

We look forward to capturing beautiful moments at your next event!