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The Photographer Platform

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Audio Title

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The Desolate Beauty of Greenland

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Video Content: Why It’s Important, and Why Your Brand Needs It?

Scientists reckon that our attention span is now shorter than the goldfish (a goldfish has an average attention span of 9 seconds). That’s how long it takes before we lose interest: 8.25 seconds, to be precise (source: Wyzowl). How often do you skim through articles, deciding within the first few seconds if it’s worth your time to continue reading? Considering how much we are bombarded with content these days, it’s not surprising that we’ve become somewhat indifferent to it. We expect more from marketers and advertisers. We can tell from the first few seconds if it’s something original or more […]

Case Study: Shooting & Editing an Instagram Video On-the-spot at ITB Berlin

The Client – Shurooq (the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority) facilitates partnerships and connects investors with investment opportunities in Sharjah, the UAE’s cultural capital.) The Event This was Shurooq’s 12th consecutive year of participating at ITB Berlin — the world’s largest travel and trade exhibition. Taking place between 6 to 10 March 2019, Shurooq’s booth at ITB Berlin showcased Sharjah’s key achievements in the travel and tourism sectors on leading global platforms, besides unveiling the latest developments on its cultural and eco-tourism profile.   Client Feedback In the client’s words: “The video was amazing – nicely done! We will definitely […]